Guild Wars 2 - My first year.

Zojja an Azuran Elementalist voiced by the gorgeous Felicia Day.
The earliest I have heard of Guild Wars 2 was during the Beta test weekend back in March 30, 2012. It was love at first sight!

The presented game had two fundamental characteristics that mean a lot to me: deliciously astonishing visuals, and freedom of play style.

Yes. There are plenty of games - especially MMOs - with those characteristics but none had, so far, the ability of really catching my eye and encompass almost fully my player style; history immersion and the possibility to play as I choose - or as my schedule allows.

(Here is a small sample of the games in which I entered and played just to see what they were about.)

Before that Beta test weekend I had never heard of the Guild Wars world. Since the game requires purchase with real money (after that playing is free of charge), I struggled with the decision of buying it until August, 2013; I now realize that that was a huge mistake! :)

In the meantime I entertained myself almost exclusively with a free-to-play MMO, that is also close to my heart: Ragnarok 2 (Here are my characters status so far.)

Guild Wars 2

- My first year -

A single player game

From day one, I played every second that I could, and that was fortunate and unfortunate, for me, because I was unemployed.

I am not a player of a single character so I quickly filled all 5 available character slots with all the races (there are 5 playable at the moment), and all with different classes. Not “happy” with that I managed to acquire 3 more character slots to fill with the remaining 3 classes.

That route of play creates lots of Personal Story variables. So I choose not to do the characters Personal Stories until I reached level 70-80 with all characters. This way I will be able to enjoy each character Personal Story in sequence and one at a time.

I also decided that I will leave dungeons alone for the time being, so that I can focus in small burst of play - according to the time I have - in order to enjoy the exploration of each map with all of my characters. This, for me, was a wise decision since 5 months after start playing the game I got lucky and was offered a paid job, and now I have much less time to spend with a game that I enjoy so much.

A multiple player game

This is a MMO, so a large portion of the fun is to have people around to play with or just to get that sense of you are not alone in the dark! :p

I have roamed around several Guilds before I found the one that was the most socially friendly and more attuned to my play style. Sadly they decided to move to another server. Nontheless, several Guild members choose to remain behind because of many other friends we had there. Also, the server we are in is pretty cool: Underworld! :)

With the introduction of the megaserver by ArenaNet and the upcoming update (September 2014) to global Guilds I see now that we made the right choice.

Partying with random players is always nice, and dare I say: a must, and enjoyable, but being part of a Guild has its charm. Having that in mind I founded a Guild that has now passed - for my surprise - the 430 members barrier! Come and join us! Look for Psychohistorians [MIND].


Follows a list of my characters, their Race and Profession in order of creation.

Lord Londubh: ....... Human Ranger;
Heruderu: ............. Charr Necromancer;
Cabeçadas: ........... Norn Warrior;
Helledore: ............. Sylvari Engineer;
Afra Lyon: ............. Asuran Elementalist;
Akira Deiyasu: ....... Human Guardian;
Mitsuko Deiyasu: ... Norn Mesmer;
Hoshimi Deiyasu: ... Sylvari Thief.

For more detailed information on my characters I'll go here.