Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2 has become my second favourite MMORPG since early 2012 when I first heard of it (for the record and according to Wikipedia it was released in Korea in March 26, 2012). Was the first one which I played for the longest period of time. I made several attempts to bypass the country block put in place by AsiaSoft. Although it was possible I had no luck - the further I've been able to go was to character creation...

Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta was released for North America and Europe by Gravity in April 2013. I have already watched game-play videos and wasted no time to jump in and give it a try. It was the first time I embarked on a levelling spree. Was very enjoyable although finding the right party for dungeons was very hard since my choice was to become a Beastmaster.