Universal forgiveness

"In your mind's eye, are you all just children who've transgressed against your father's divine will?

(...) Are you being punished for your multitude of sins? Are you?

(...) Is this really our lot to have been led by a father to the 'promised land'...

(...) ... to paradise, only to have paradise cruelly smashed to bits before our very eyes?

(...) Are these the actions of a father towards his children?

(...) What have you done? What have you done to deserve this punishment? What sins have you committed? What dark thoughts have you harbored, that condemn you, condemn you, to wander through the universe without hope, without light. So you have to ask yourself: What kind of a father abandons his own children to despair and loneliness? Perhaps we are not the ones in need of forgiveness.

(...) Perhaps we have been wrong. Perhaps it is God who should come down here and beg for our forgiveness! Am I right? Am I right?"

Baltar in a "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" in Battlestar Galactica (reimagined series)